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Never ending story | performance video | 2’44” | 2008

I revealed my endless will to live as an artist by exposing myself drawing and erasing something again and again beyond space and time. I wanted to find my ego and to experience optimistic feelings through artistic activities such as drawing pictures on the stairs, on the rooftop, and opening a door in a dark place to represent the moment of encountering a bright world.


journey | performance video | 6’24” | 2009

In 2008, I created this work while staying at Chunjangdae Beach. Every night, I went out to the lonesome sea near my house. I wanted to preserve memories from that particular day as a performance. I wandered around in search of my ego and conducting a series of performances that appear to be meaningless.

Around me | performance video | 3’59” | 2013

The sea, my home, is reminiscent of my mother’s bosom and womb. Tiring life awakens an instinct to return to my birth place. I roamed around in search of a junction at which the sea and my ego encounter one another, conducting a set of repeated performances: wrapping myself in an umbilical cord, walking, laying down, and so on. I presented myself as a premature being prior to developing into full human form in front of the sea where life is conceived and effaced.


To Mourn | performance video | 4'55'' | 2014

At the completion of the 21 Grams Series, I wanted to let go of the skeleton shape, mourning for it through a performance. In front of the sea where a cycle of creation and extinction repeats, I (my ego) mourned for the skeleton by means of performing ceremonies – circling around, embracing, and leaving it – in a hope that the skeleton may be reborn as a flower.


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